Responsive design of site

Responsive design of site is a type of styling and optimizing the website to make its appearance representative and suitable for visits. By various devices with different sizes and display resolutions, such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, phablest, PC, etc.

Thе dynamic site itself adapts to the device's display and opens the content according to its
resolution. Websites made with responsive (adaptive) design automatically adjust their content according to the device resolution.

Advantages of the responsive web site

  • Accessible from various devices;
    Made a similar design to the main (desktop) for devices with different types of resolution;

  • Easier indexation in Google search engine (SEO optimization);
    Developed only one site, and not more, according to the resolution of the device;
  • Excellent long-term solution in terms of rapidly growing and diverse market for mobile devices;
    Comfortable and representative content.

Responsive design of site Google Love Responsive

Responsive design of site
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